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Rich in natural beauty and greenery, Skopelos is an excellent holiday destination. It belongs to the Sporades complex and lies between Skiathos and Alonnissos. It is the greenest island in Greece.

Skopelos became particularly famous worldwide when the most scenes of the Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia!” (2007) were filmed there. 

The island is characterized by dense forests and the beautiful light blue color of the sea, which is why it was officially named as the “green and light blue island” from the International Biosocial Organization.

The inhabitants of Skopelos have taken great care to look after their island and have retained its traditional architecture. You can wander around the narrow cobbled streets up to the many churches without worrying about vehicles and noise.

You will find various shops offering all kinds of souvenirs, antiques and items of Greek art and handicraft. You can be supplied with home-made small knives and wooden carved glass objects painted by hand and other pottery and tapestry products.

The local cuisine will delight you. You should taste the famous rolled cheesepie of Skopelos, plums and prunes, stuwed plums and almonds. The pure oil and the aromatic honey are also traditional products of Skopelos that you should be provided.

A very nice experiencing is the fishing of squid, an experience as much as a ritual. You don’t have to be an expert fisherman, nor an amateur since there is a lot of squid and it is easy prey.
The main road network of Skopelos covers a distance of 37 km (from the main town, to the harbor of Glossa , (Loutraki). The roads are in good condition and asphalted.

To enjoy all the beautiful sights of Skopelos it is helpful to have the use of a car or motorbike. If you don’t have one of your own you can rent a vehicle on the island or use the excellent regular bus services to visit the most popular beaches and villages.

The magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters, the rich vegetation, the picturesque villages, the nightlife, the taverns by the sea, the local flavors, the paths that are ideal for walking, the many graphical creeks that are ideal for sailing, are only a few of the reasons why you will fall in love with Skopelos.

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